Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to Wilderness Survival

    2. Introduction Survey

    1. Background and History Outline

    2. Overview

    3. The History of Wilderness Survival Part 1

    4. The History of Wilderness Survival Part 2

    5. Defining Exposures

    6. Main Causes of Survival Throughout History Part 1

    7. Main Causes of Survival Throughout History Part 2

    8. Main Causes of Survival Situations Throughout History Part 3

    9. Background & History Exercise

    10. Background & History Q&A

    1. Survival Gear Outline

    2. Overview

    3. Thermoregulation Equipment

    4. Cutting Tools

    5. Containers, Water Purification, Signaling

    6. Cordage and Bright Gear

    7. Backpack and Gear Conclusions

    8. Survival Gear Exercise

    9. Survival Gear Q&A

    1. Clothing Selection Outline

    2. Overview

    3. Dead Air Space

    4. Insensible Perspiration

    5. Importance of Layering

    6. Clothing Materials

    7. Clothing Examples

    8. Headwear, Handwear, Footwear

    9. Clothing for Hot, Dry Environment

    10. Clothing Selection Exercise

    11. Clothing Q&A

    1. Outfitting Your Vehicle Outline

    2. Overview

    3. Common Vehicle Problems & Essential Equipment

    4. Vehicle Fluids, Hoses, & Basic Tools

    5. Clutch-Starting, Vehicle Suitability, & Cold Weather Tips

    6. Engine Maintenance & Tire Recommendations

    7. Outfitting Your Vehicle Exercise

    8. Outfitting Your Vehicle Q&A

    1. Land Navigation Outline

    2. Overview

    3. Understanding Contour Lines

    4. Maps

    5. Understanding Magnetic Declination

    6. Parts of a Compass

    7. Understanding Magnetic Declination Part 2

    8. Using a Map and Compass Together

    9. Handrails and Backstops

    10. General Tips for Staying Found

    11. What to Do if You Get Lost

    12. Land Navigation Exercise

    13. Land Navigation Q&A

About this course

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  • 150 lessons
  • 23.5 hours of video content

Course Reviews

5 star rating

The best online survival course out there

Keith Farrar

I have been teaching wilderness survival at the School of Self Reliance for over 15 years and Fundamentals of Survival is the most comprehensive online program available that will allow any student to become confident in these essential skills.

I have been teaching wilderness survival at the School of Self Reliance for over 15 years and Fundamentals of Survival is the most comprehensive online program available that will allow any student to become confident in these essential skills.

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Learn how to survive in the wilderness!


  • Is the content relevant no matter where I live?

    The curriculum focuses on the basics of survival like how to stay warm, make fire, get water, etc. and that knowledge is relevant know matter where you are. In any true survival situation, there will always be facets that are specific to the climate, geology, and ecology of your specific location and this course addresses how you can properly prepare yourself in the event of an emergency.

  • Does this course follow a set schedule or is it go at your own pace?

    This course is self-paced and you can go through the material as quickly or slowly as you prefer. You are allowed to skip material and jump ahead to later chapters if you desire, though for the optimum learning experience this is not recommended as earlier chapters may be foundational to understanding later ones.

  • Once you purchase this course how long do you have to complete it and can you download the materials?

    There is no expiration date for this course. You are not able to download course materials; however, you can access the course for as long as you like so you can revisit the material at any time.

  • Is it possible to see what’s in this course before purchasing it?

    In addition to the course curriculum listed in the above section, there is a preview so that you can get a sense of what you will learn. Select the "Free Preview" button at the top of this page and then create a new account or login if you have an existing one to view it.

  • What types of assignments and quizzes are in the course?

    Each chapter has optional assignments that include exercises and quizzes (you can retake the latter as many times as you like) that reinforce the material presented in the lectures so that you can put into practice what you learn.

  • What are the course requirements and are there any prerequisites?

    There aren't any prerequisites or course requirements other than you need to have a computer or smartphone with a browser and internet connection that is sufficient to stream the lecture videos. No previous knowledge of the subject matter is needed so you can be a complete novice.

  • Is there any interaction with other students in this online course?

    This course is individual based and hence there is not any interaction with other students.

  • Can you earn Continuing Education Units/Continuing Education Credits (CEU’s/CEC’s)?

    This course does not offer any CEU's/CEC's.

  • Are there any credits or refunds given after I buy this course?

    Once you complete your purchase, there are no refunds or credits issued and your enrolment cannot be transferred to another person.

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